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The diversity and diverse skills of the navOcéan team will meet your needs.

navOcéan carries two strong cultures that complement each other: the French Navy and the Merchant Navy. 

Training  maritime 
& coaching

Maritime training.

Maritime training and training constitute the core business of navOcéan.

► Maritime training

The Almak is a ship optimized for maritime training. Its facilities combined with the experience of the crew allow the practical training of students (officers in charge of the watch,  mechanics, sailors ...):

- Maneuvering of the ship by the students under the supervision of  

  shift supervisors / trainers,

- Individualized follow-up of students,

- STCW training, in French or in English,

- Modern building with 360 ° footbridge designed for

  preparing shifts, 
- Spacious student lounge convertible into a classroom        

  equipped with gateway repeaters (ECDIS, RADAR).

► Training

Audit of ships on the state of safety procedures, proposals for improvements and supervised training.


Shipmanagement, Crewmanagement.

Ship management.

Managing ships and crews is an integral part of navOcéan's activities.  

► Administration

- HR management of sailors

- Relationship with administrations

- Creation of ISM ...

► Implementation of vessels 

- Tests after works

- Conveying
- New testing

- Guarding  

Photo credit :  Cecile Pozzo Di Borgo



Professional diving

The Almak is designed to support divers missions .

► For professional diving and underwater work

The vessel is equipped with local plungers, a compressor and a booster. It can carry a mobile recompression chamber on its rear deck as well as a mobile equipment container.  


Private & public 

Private / public charter.

The activity of navOcéan also extends to easement missions for the benefit of maritime operators.

► Surveillance of maritime areas

Offshore projects, pollution control ...

► Scientific or ecological activities

Scientific missions, animal counts, sampling ...

► Experiments and various works

Equipment testing, transfers of intervention or maintenance personnel on offshore sites ...

► Support for training 

For the benefit of the means of State administrations at sea ...

Formation maritime
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