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Deployment of the Almak, operated by navOcéan.



"navOcéan, a subsidiary of Défense Conseil International (DCI) and of the Piriou group created in 2012, responds to the growing demand for maritime training provided by DCI by providing it with a modern and versatile building, the Almak. navOcéan is now diversifying hui its activity by setting up a team aboard the polar patrol boat L'Astrolabe.  During the tests and the first crossing, this team works in close collaboration with the first French Navy crews who will equip this ship. This is the first ship management contract for navOcéan, which participates in the management of the specific installations of this new vessel by the French Navy - a first for the entity, which has signed its second largest contract since its creation.

First collaboration with the French Navy by navOcéan

The latest addition to the Piriou shipyards, L'Astrolabe will be armed by two crews from the French Navy who will take turns to carry out surveillance missions for the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) of the Indian Ocean and to provide supplies to the Terre Adélie base in facing the icebergs of Antarctica.

Since February 2017, the navOcéan and French Navy teams have monitored and conducted the tests of the polar patrol boat, an innovative concept co-financed by the TAAF (French Southern and Antarctic Territories) and the IPEV (Institut Polaire Français Paul-Emile Victor). ). The vessel set sail last August 12 from Brest to  Reunion Island, where he will arrive in mid-September.

New expertise in handling military vessels undergoing tests

During its first three years of operation, navOcéan devoted itself to the training of young foreign cadets by DCI on the Almak. With this new contract, the navOcéan company is extending its field of expertise.

“The commissioning of L'Astrolabe is an ambitious project that will allow the navOcéan company to diversify its expertise and know-how, particularly in taking charge of the  vessel being tested before delivery. "[...]


Presentation of the Almak, from the prism of maritime training.


The Almak, the training ship of the Piriou-DCI couple

[...] "Modern and versatile, the Almak has been specifically designed for nautical training and training. It sails primarily for the benefit of academic and operational military training delivered by DCI-NAVFCO.

Operated by NavOcean, a joint structure established between Piriou and DCI, the Almak is an innovatively designed vessel that can carry up to 17 students and instructors and carry out up to 40 weeks at sea per year. It is armed by a crew of 8 people from the National Navy and the Merchant Navy who also participate in the training of students.




An atypical mission at sea for the ALMAK

"The ALMAK, the maritime training vessel, took part in a regional nautical event, involving all the players who make up the maritime world of the Atlantic-Channel-North Sea coast. 

Indeed, as part of its move from Nantes to Le Havre, the National School of Safety and Administration of the Sea (ENSAM) wanted to symbolize its movement by the transfer of its flag during a relay coastal. Sailors from autonomous ports, fishing vessels, trawlers, racing sailboats  large, ships and helicopters of the French Navy, all users of the sea have been invited to take turns to pass the flag from side to side. A nautical display full of symbols to which the ALMAK made its contribution.  

ALMAK: a link in the maritime chain

In addition to its traditional navigation and maneuver training activities for the benefit of student officers from foreign navies, the ALMAK responded on two occasions to the invitation of the Directorate of Maritime Affairs.

On February 10, the ALMAK commander received the flag for the first time from the Lorient boatmen to transmit it at sea to Charlie Dalin aboard his IMOCA 40 “APIVIA”, back to his home port after his Vendée Globe 2020-2021 race.


On March 23, the ALMAK once again received the flag in Concarneau to transmit it to a helicopter of the 34F flotilla of the French Navy during a helicopter hoisting in the Iroise Sea.


The pavilion continued its "route" towards Le Havre, with other members of the maritime community.


Participation in this event shows that our training ship is fully part of the landscape of activities on the west coast of France. Having been approached by Maritime Affairs to participate in this great maritime chain is an illustration of this. "



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